3 Fun Couple Activities for Valentine’s Day

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3 Fun Couple Activities for Valentine’s Day

Ideas to Get You in the Groove

Are you one of those people who spend V-Day doing nothing special?

Well, in that case, it’s time to be imaginative and create fun memories that will last a lifetime:


Learn Something New Together 

This activity can be a great way for both of you to step outside of your comfort zones, and get to know each other in a completely new way.

Perhaps there’s something one or the both of you has always wanted to try-maybe yoga, salsa, or an art class!

The important and best thing to do is keep an open mind and have fun adding this new skill to your repertoire. And who knows?

Maybe it’ll become a monthly or yearly tradition!


Take a Spontaneous Road Trip

Road trips are by far one of the best ways to get to know someone if you haven’t been dating long.

Or, if you have, it’s a great way to bring more fun and excitement into both of your lives and into your relationship. 

Taking the day-or the weekend to pack up your bags, gas up the car and go to a place you’ve both been wanting to go to or have never been before is a great way to create fun, new memories and a way to switch things up from your traditional Valentine’s Day routine.


Explore Nature 

The beautiful thing about this date is that it’s virtually free. Search for a fun hike near you by doing a quick Google or Pinterest search, check the weather, make sure you have the right gear and pack some snacks for good measure.

If the weather near you is nice enough, a cute little picnic could be in order.

At the very least, turn it into an adventure you won’t forget by bringing along your camera to take pictures and record videos with!

Afterwards, spend some time editing and adding music to your video with your sweetheart over pizza! 


Now that you’ve got some ideas for fun activities to try this Valentine’s Day, it’s time to hop onto your nearest computer or phone and search for local spots where you can try these things!

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