3 Reasons Why You Need Yoga in Your Life

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3 Reasons Why You Need Yoga in Your Life

Make It A Part of Your Workout Routine Today

Ok, so yoga might have a reputation as being all about breathing and impossible positions.

But, hear us out!

There is so much more to yoga than that. In fact, the benefits are so awesome that it would be CRAZY for you to not include at least 10 minutes of yoga into your daily workout routine. Whether you tack on a few minutes of poses at the end of your run or wind down before bed with some relaxing asanas, there really is a yoga for everyone at every time of the day.

This is why you need to make yoga a part of your workout routine:


Increases your brain power – it’s true, studies have shown that the brain is more able to quickly and accurately process information after just 20 minutes of yoga. This is because it encourages you to be more mindful and present which in turn stimulates growth in the prefrontal cortex.


Protects your heart – ok, so opening your heart chakra might sound like a new age mumbo-jumbo, but yoga is proven to reduce high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and alleviate the symptoms of stress, all key factors in the maintenance of heart health.


Relieves hangovers – we get it, exercise is one of the last things on your mind after a heavy night but hitting your yoga mat really is a great way to detox your system after excess. Try a shoulder stand or plough pose to speed up the metabolism and get rid of your hangover faster.

See, we told you it’s more than just heavy breathing! Time to get yourself kitted out with some fancy new yoga pants!


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