4 Tips to Remember While Buying Shoes Online

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4 Tips to Remember While Buying Shoes Online

Keep These Points in Mind for a Seamless Experience

What’s better than buying a new pair of fancy shoes? Well, you can buy them while loafing around in your PJ’s and eating a pizza.

Online shopping has made life much easier in the last decade or so. You still need to keep a few things in mind though, especially while buying shoes. Here are some handy tips:

Size Matters: Be sure of your shoe size before ordering. No one likes to go through the process of returning, even if it is increasingly getting more convenient. Use your current shoe size as a reference while buying. If one of your foot is larger than the other, opt for the bigger size.

Return Policy: Always make sure that you check out the return policy of an online store.

Points to check are as below:

  • Time frame allowed for returns
  • Whether you are liable for extra shipping charges for exchange
  • Whether the store offers a full refund or store credit

Safety: Make sure the website displays a SSL certificate, indicated by a padlock icon visible on the bottom right of a checkout window. Never give out more information than you need to.

Your name, billing and shipping address and email id are enough for a transaction. Never ever reveal your Social Security Number.

Reputation: Opt for a reputed online store with a clean, professional look to it. Stores with a history of great customer service will always be a safe bet. Check for social media presence and customer reviews.

With these tips, we hope that your next online shoe-shopping experience will be a breeze.

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