5 Best Anniversary Gifts for Him

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5 Best Anniversary Gifts for Him

An anniversary is a very special moment for any relationship. Your anniversary is the day you and your partner can commemorate the start of your relationship and reaffirm your love for each other. For some, that might translate into going out to an exorbitant restaurant and treating their significant other to a fanciful feast. For others, it could just mean a cuddly, intimate day at home watching Netflix and ordering food for delivery. No matter what the occasion brings, one thing is for certain: the day deserves to be special. 

However, planning for that special day can also be very stress-inducing. One of the most taxing parts of planning for your anniversary is deciding what gift to buy for your partner, especially if you are the woman. Shopping for men is difficult enough, but when the stakes are high? Forget about it. Choosing the right mix of sentimental and functional attributes in a gift can be more than complicated. How can you express your affection to your man in a way that is candid and creative, but also practical? 

It doesn’t matter if it’s your thirtieth anniversary or your first. Nailing the perfect gift for your man can be a difficult task. Another year of being together is a feat worth celebrating. This year, make sure to give your partner a gift that he’ll remember forever. If you're still struggling to think of some gift ideas, check out some of our suggestions below! 

 A Hilarious Shirt

One of the best ways to make a gift memorable is by making your partner laugh. Injecting some personality into your gift shows how much you care about him and also how well you know him. It also makes for a hilarious moment when he opens the gift up. With that being said, you simply cannot go wrong with a funny t-shirt.

One shirt that we absolutely love is our “Just the Tip I Promise” t-shirt. The shirt displays a bullet from a gun, standing upright next to an American flag and text reading, “JUST THE TIP I PROMISE.” Now, you can stand up for the 2nd amendment and make a comical sexual innuendo all by wearing one shirt. Just don’t wear it to church! 

This 100% cotton shirt comes in black, navy, and royal blue and is available in sizes from small to 4XL. The design also comes in the form of a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie. It is one of our most popular designs, and you’re sure to get a hearty laugh out of your partner with this one. 

A Mug To Be Proud Of

Even better than a t-shirt is something your man can use every day, like a mug or a cup. A vessel to drink out of is another gift that can easily be customized to fit your partner’s personality. You can print anything on a mug. Like our last suggestion, you can go for a funny angle or a more serious tone with your message. Just make sure it will resonate with him. 

One safe option is our “One Nation Under God” mug, which simply reads “One Nation Under God” with an American flag and a cross printed on it. The design is clean and simplistic, but also personable. You really can never have too many patriotic accessories in your house that show your dedication to this nation and its values. Add to your partner’s collection with this beautiful, straightforward message. 

The mug comes in both white and black options and holds up to eleven ounces of liquid. It is made completely of ceramic and features a high gloss, premium finish. The mug is even safe for the dishwasher and microwave. It is 3.8 inches in height and 3.3 inches in diameter, so it’s the ideal size and shape for a cozy cup. 

A Stylish Hat Or Cap

Every man needs a quality hat or cap once in a while. Perhaps your partner loves fishing or hunting. Or maybe he’s just a classic outdoorsman who enjoys spending time in nature. You never want to be caught in the harsh sunlight without a cap and some sunglasses to protect you.

One hat that your man is sure to adore is the “Merica” white leather patch hat. The front of the hat displays a stitched leather patch that reads “MERICA” and comes in a variety of color combinations, even offering a camouflage option. The hat mirrors most standard trucker hats with a mesh backside. 

The hat comes in three different forms, including a snapback hat, a snapback flatbill hat, and a flexfit hat. The snapback and snapback flatbill version features adjustable straps and are classified as “mid-profile” height. The visors are pre-curved, and the hats are padded inside with a cotton headband, ensuring the utmost comfort and optimal fit. 

On the other hand, the flexfit version of the hat is 6-paneled and features six rows of stitching on its visor. All patches on Printed Kicks hats are made with 100% oak leaf style genuine leather. The patches darken with age, giving them a vintage, distressed look after a while, which only serves to add to the look. We also carry hats and caps in different categories, including first responders, second amendment, Christian, and of course, hunting and fishing. 

A Supportive Bumper Sticker

One way to really allow your man to be in control of their gift is to simply buy them some stickers. You might have the perfect idea for the message of your gift, but not be sure what medium to put it on. If so, a sticker or decal is the best way to stay safe and still showcase your man’s personality. 

Every man loves their car. Now, you can personalize your ride with the “No One Fights Alone” decal. The decal reads, “No one fights alone” at the top, then lists below it different types of essential workers that people should be supporting like the police, firefighters, medical employees, and more. The words are written on a multicolored American flag, with each stripe naming a different occupation. 

Best yet, it is easy to apply and can be applied to a multitude of surfaces, including car bumpers, luggage, laptops, and more. The finish of the decal is smooth and vibrant, and made to stay that way for an extended period of time. 

One drawback of buying a sticker online is the uncertainty of its quality. You never truly know if a sticker will be well-made until you get it in your hands. However, Printed Kicks decals are guaranteed to last a long time, with their premium, water-resistant paper. All of our decals are 100% weather-proof as well, so you don’t have to worry about the rain destroying its design. 

Wave Your Pride With a Flag

Another form of expression that works as an ideal gift is a flag. More and more, flags are becoming popularized as regular household decorations. You can stick it on the wall of your bedroom, hang it up outside of your home, or wave it around at the next event you attend. 

One of our favorite flags is the 2nd Amendment Flag. The flag reads a quote from the amendment itself, which ends with, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed!” The flag is designed as a typical American flag in terms of layout and color, but instead of the 50 stars, the top left corner of the flag shows a circle of stars with the word “2nd” written inside it. The stripes of the flag feature a black paint splatter effect and hold the quote. 

The flag is designed for both outdoor and indoor use. It is three feet in length and five feet in height and made of polyester. The product comes with header tape and two metal grommets, so you can install the flag as soon as you get it. The flag is also color and UV fade-resistant, prolonging its longevity. Lastly, the design is only printed on one side. 


Finding the right gift for your partner doesn’t have to be a hassle. Fortunately, many apparel brands like us here at Printed Kicks have made it easy to find eye-catching, useful gifts, offering broad catalogs of items. Regardless of your budget, you are sure to find a great, affordable gift online that fits your partner. 

Clothing and accessories are always a good option as gifts because of their versatility and low level of commitment as a recipient. As long as you put considerable thought into it, your gift is guaranteed to impress. This year, make your affection felt with an amazing gift that your partner will love. 



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