Blue Line Flag LED Night Light

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Blue Line Flag LED Night Light

There are over 1.1million sworn law enforcement officers currently serving in the United States. Every day these men and women sacrifice their lives and safety in order to protect and serve the American society.

In fact cities with populations exceeding 50,000 employ an average of 16.6 officers and 21.4 total personnel for every 10,000 residents.

That’s a lot of men and women leaving their children and families every day and risking their lives for the safety of others.

Last year LEO’s helped to police over half a million violent crimes across the U.S.A, protecting neighborhoods and helping to make the country a safer place.

This week we have an awesome promo on our ‘Blue Line Flag LED Light’, saving our loyal customers 50%.

This patriotic night light has a choice of six different colors, setting off an ambient glow behind our countries famous flag.

We designed the Blue Line Flag LED light in support of all the serving, fallen and retired LEO’s across America. Patriotic customers can ease into a comfortable nights sleep paying tribute to our hard working police force.

Whether you are looking for a gift, supporting a family member or just proud to be American and grateful for the police service that we have, these lamps are perfect for you.

Standing at 11.5” tall and 6” wide, this lamp can really set the mood and help you relax as you wind down from a busy day.

Brighten up your study, window, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or porch with our nations colors.

Here at Printed Kicks we support a variety of causes and take donations from our loyal communities purchases in order to help those in need via organizations across the U.S.

Don’t forget to check out our donations page to find out which charities and organizations we are currently supporting with a percentage of each order.

You can track your order here with our dedicated tracking service.

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