Is it Deer Season Yet?

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Is it Deer Season Yet?

Deer hunting, or more specifically, whitetail hunting, is one of the most popular forms of hunting in the United States. But why is it so popular? And how do you get started? Today, we’re covering all aspects of deer hunting, from which seasons you’re allowed to hunt to what kind of strategies to use when hunting. 

One of the main reasons why whitetail hunting is so beloved by Americans is because of how ubiquitous whitetails are. Whitetail populations are most concentrated from Maine to Washington, but they are found literally all over the country. They are the most widely seen hooved animal in the states. 

You can spot whitetails in huge, dense forests, as well as on the lawns of suburban homes. They are versatile creatures, fond of exploration, and extremely curious. 

Why People Love Hunting The Whitetail Deer

Another reason why people love hunting whitetails is all the qualities they have as game animals. Whitetails, though abundant, are very challenging to hunt. Many experienced hunters will find that hunting smaller critters like rabbits and squirrels doesn’t compare to the task of hunting down a big, majestic whitetail.

There is nothing more fulfilling than making a big catch. The whitetail is about as big as it gets in many states. Just the antlers of a whitetail are enough to put some fear in a man’s heart. The larger the antlers are, the more mature the deer is and the more difficult it will be for you to catch them. 

Whitetails are intelligent animals as well. A mature whitetail buck or doe can be very elusive, not easily falling for traps set for them. In essence, the whitetail is a fascinating creature, so much so that humans used to admire them in cave drawings centuries ago. 

Perhaps the most appealing factor of deer hunting is how tasty whitetail venison is when cooked and prepared properly. Lean whitetail meat is known for its mild flavor and many health benefits. With some quality whitetail cuts, you can make a decadent deer burger, or maybe some tangy deer tacos! 

Humans have eaten deer meat for generations. And it doesn’t look like that tradition will be ending anytime soon. If you’re looking to get in on the action, continue reading for an in-depth guide on how to get started deer hunting!

What Kind of Deer to Hunt?

Deer are some of the most populous wild animals in the country. Deer are so common, in fact, that there are over one million car accidents involving deer in the United States annually. 200 Americans are killed every year because of these collisions. 

The vast majority of deer in the United States are whitetails. About 30 subspecies of whitetails reside across North America. 

Within the hunting community are duck hunters, elk hunters, small game hunters, sheep hunters, turkey hunters, upland bird hunters, varmint hunters, and many others. Undoubtedly, the biggest group of hunters in the U.S. are deer hunters. 

For most hunters in America, deer is the most accessible game species. This availability is aided by The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation’s efforts to preserve tens of millions of acres of wild land. Much of the land they oversee is deer habitat.

How to Prepare

The first step in getting started deer hunting is obtaining a deer hunting license in your state. Depending on the state, you may need to take a short education course and a test before being able to buy a license. Licenses are relatively cheap, usually under $40. 

Once you’ve gotten your hunting license, it’s time to plan your next trip! When planning what day you want to hunt, always check the weather beforehand. Weather is one of the main variables of success on a hunting trip and can greatly affect your performance. 

If it’s going to be cold, be prepared with a thick, moisture-resistant jacket to avoid hypothermia. If it’s going to be hot, bring extra cool water to prevent heat exhaustion. And always a compass, as well as a first-aid kit, in case things go awry. 

Even if the weather forecast is favorable, it is wise to prepare for the worst. Mother Nature can be unpredictable at times, so it’s best to expect some turbulence. Be ready in the case of rain or thunder coming down. 

Another factor in the weather to pay attention to is how bright it is that day. When it is extremely bright and hot, deer are less likely to be roaming around. For further information on brightness, you can check the moon phases for that night.

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Environmental Concerns

About a century ago, many game species in North America were becoming endangered. Several species were at risk of extinction, while others were lost forever already, like the Eastern and Merriam’s elk and Audubon’s bighorn. 

Fortunately, with the implementation of license fees and excise taxes on hunting equipment, as well as through the charitable efforts of conservation organizations, the wildlife population in North America has been able to recover. These policies were implemented under the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. In recent decades, species like the elk, pronghorn, wild turkey, black bear, and bighorn sheep have multiplied, returning to full strength. 

Still to this day, though, some species are still at risk. For this reason, it is important to practice ethical techniques when you’re out hunting. Only hunt with an official license from your state and only use weapons that are officially licensed by your state. 

Hunting Techniques

There are essentially two ways to hunt deer: by stand-hunting or still-hunting. Stand-hunting, just like how it sounds, is when you stand, sit, or wait until your prey appears. To avoid detection, you can wait in a tree stand or a ground blind. 

Still-hunting is used when you have spotted a deer already. When still-hunting, you get low to the ground and sneak up slowly behind your prey. This technique is also called “stalk hunting” or just “stalking.”

Gun Safety

The number one priority when you’re out hunting is staying safe. Any time that you’re using a firearm, you need to exhibit extreme caution with every movement you make. Never for a moment should you let your guard down.

The main rule when shooting a gun is to treat every single one like it’s fully loaded. You can never be too safe. Even after double or triple-checking your barrel to make sure it’s empty, still assume that there may be a stray bullet in there. This way, there is absolutely no room for an accident to occur. 

Next, never aim your gun at something you don’t plan to shoot. Even if it’s just for practice, you should only point your firearm at targets that you actually intend to shoot. 

Before you shoot, you should also know what is surrounding your target. What is to the left and right of your target, and what is behind it? Depending on the caliber of your gun, a bullet can reach up to several miles. Also, it is possible for your bullet to go through your target and hit whatever is behind it, so never take a shot unless you’re 100% positive about what is surrounding the target. 

Before you go out hunting, you should familiarize yourself with the gun you’ll be using and get comfortable loading, shooting, and unloading it. If you’re still having trouble with these tasks, you may want to visit a shooting range and get some practice in before trying out the real thing. You should always feel confident and secure when handling your firearm, not anxious or skeptical. 


It starts at a different time for every state, but deer season is truly a magical part of the year. It’s the only time that we, as Americans, are permitted to go out and observe these sublime creatures and be in their habitats. It’s also the only time you can legally eat some deer that you’ve hunted yourself! 

Deer hunting is fun, accessible, and maybe best of all, can result in a delicious dinner. It is an activity that anybody can get into and enjoy. It is also a great sport to bond over with friends and family, and also a surefire way to meet some new people. 

Deer hunting is a pastime that has been revered for centuries. Long ago, our ancestors relied on this form of hunting for their survival. 

Every year, millions of hunters set off during deer season to experience the electric feeling of catching a whitetail. There really is nothing more exhilarating than a whitetail catch. 

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