Five Tips for Safe Online Shopping

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Five Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Millions of people shop online every day all over the world.  There are over 100,000 e-commerce stores and this figure is rapidly increasing year on year, every year!

Online sales are predicted to rise above $2.35 trillion by 2018.

Do you shop online regularly? Do you keep yourself safe and secure and trust the stores that you use?

Here are some tips on online buying in a safe and secure way…

  • Research products and look for other people’s reviews:

    Are you 100% sure about what you are about to buy? Is the source reputable and secure? Try and scour the internet for other shopper’s feedback on specific items and websites. Peer to peer reviews are trusted sources of information to help you make an informed buying decision.

  • Use credit cards rather than debit cards:

    Credit cards often come with additional security and a credit limit... Meaning that in the unlikely event that your details are shared or stolen, you have more security and most credit cards are not linked to savings or funds that you own.

  • Use secure online payment methods:

    Secure online payment providers such as PayPal also offer additional security to transactions that are completed online. PayPal works as a middle man between customers and merchants, providing mutual security and protecting buyers and their details.

  • Check for a https URL and a padlock symbol:

    Https, which was developed by Netscape, is an online safety protocol that encrypts information so that data can be kept private and protected. In most cases, the text in the URL is preceded by a padlock symbol. Look out for this symbol on the toolbar.

    The ‘s’ in https incidentally, stands for secure. Websites that use https are safe because they utilise SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt any information that is distributed online, such as your credit card details.

  • Use mobile data and networks over public Wi-Fi:

    Public Wi-Fi and hotspots are easy to attack and this makes them targets for money hungry hackers and criminal organisations. Try to use your service providers network and data when purchasing online from a mobile device!

These are just a few ways to remain as secure and safe as possible when shopping online. Keep your eyes peeled for our next ‘Online Security Tips’ post.

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