Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast: The King of Meals

A famous adage says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it certainly is, but how many of us really follow this? Our busy schedules and sometimes our desire to shed some pounds often leads us to skipping breakfast. Check out what harm are you causing to your body by skipping the most essential meal –


• Causes weight gain –

Studies suggest that people who miss morning breakfast have higher chances of gaining weight. Skipping breakfast increases the craving for sugary and fatty food and the hunger pangs also become quite intense.


• Bad for your heart –

People who skip breakfast have more chances of heart attack as compared to those who have their breakfast. Ones who avoid breakfast have increased susceptibility to hypertension which leads to clogging of arteries.


• Higher risk of Type – 2 diabetes –

Avoiding breakfast leads to a higher risk of developing Type -2 diabetes than those who have their breakfast. Studies reveal that working women who skipped morning breakfast have 54% more chances of developing Type-2 diabetes.


• Negative impact on energy levels –

Skipping breakfast brings down your energy levels, negatively impacts your memory and also affects your mood. When you don’t have breakfast in the morning your hunger levels go up affecting your overall productivity.


• Affects cognitive functioning –

Timely breakfast regimen gives a boost to your cognitive functioning. When the body is hungry it is not able to perform its functions smoothly. Skipping breakfast often increases your hunger level which slows down the functioning of the body.

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