How to Deal With Jet Lag?

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How to Deal With Jet Lag?

Beat the Dreaded ‘Zombie State’

When you’re traveling from one time zone to another, jet lag is probably going to be your beloved companion.

Moving around at day and night causes trouble to your body’s biorhythm.

Fortunately, if you cannot get rid of jet lag altogether you can at least lessen its effects with these simple tips -


  • Avoid arriving at night –

If possible, book a flight that arrives in daylight. This would make it easier for you to stay awake; you can explore your destination in daylight and not waste your day entirely in bed.


  • Get a good night’s sleep before your flight –

Many people end up having slept for mere a few hours before a long flight planning to sleep through the flight or it may also be pre-trip excitement. Adequate sleep before a flight makes it easier to cope with jet lag.


  • Avoid caffeine –

Beverages containing caffeine affect your sleep and increase the jet lag recovery time. Replace cola, coffee and energy drinks with plenty of water, this would enhance your body’s functions.


  • Change your eating schedules–

To be able to cope with jet lag begin eating your meals in line with your new time zone at least two days before the trip, even if it means having breakfast at 2 pm.


  • Set your watch to the new time zone –

Your transition to the new time zone should start as soon as you board your flight so that you get mentally prepared for a new routine.

Once you board your flight, set your watch as per your destination’s time zone.


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