Labor Day: How to Celebrate!

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Labor Day: How to Celebrate!

Here at Printed Kicks, we celebrate Labor Day with valuable promotions and discounts for our awesome customers. But what is Labor Day all about?

Labor Day is on the first Monday of September every year. It was originally organized to celebrate various labor unions' strengths and contributions to the United States' economy.

It’s a federal holiday, often meaning that many stores and government offices are closed to give people the chance to celebrate.

Labor Day became an official federal holiday in 1894 and has been graciously celebrated ever since.

But How do you Celebrate?

There are many ways to celebrate Labor Day, here are some of our favorites:

  • Volunteer Work/Charity Work: 

    We’re huge supporters of charities that really make a difference. Why not decide to make a difference yourself this September 4th. Volunteering at a local dog rescue, homeless shelter, visiting a hospital or a nursing home will help to improve the lives of others whilst enriching your day. Why not make it a family occasion?

  • Pay Respects to our Professional Services:

    Why not have a police force, fire, military or ambulance service themed party/day out for you and your family. Visit some notable places such as a fire station, a museum, a park that endorses one of the services or throw a party with fancy dress at your home.

  • Throw a Barbecue: 

    Cook up an end of summer treat for friends and family with a Labor Day barbecue celebration. Enjoy the last of the summer weather with some fresh meat and themed cocktails while you enjoy family time and great food.

  • Plan a Parade: 

    Plan a Labor Day parade for you and your family and friends. Choose a theme, create a plan of action and include music, costumes, dancing, prizes and food and drinks! The more quirky and original the idea the better!

Check out all of our ‘Thin Blue Line’ products and U.S flag color themed designs to help dress you and your family for your Labor Day celebrations.

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