6 Best Man Cave Ideas and Designs

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6 Best Man Cave Ideas and Designs

Every man needs a little personal space where he can just be himself and not have to worry about sharing the decoration decisions with his wife or family. Seems fair to us, right? After all, who usually gets to be in charge of how the house looks?

A man cave is a man’s personal sanctuary from the world. It’s a place where he can unwind, relax, and set everything up just as he likes it.

But these days, lots of guys don’t know how to make a great man cave for themselves. Today, we’re going to break down six of the best man cave ideas and designs that you can implement in your attic, basement, or spare bedroom. Let’s dive in!

What Makes a Great Man Cave? 

For starters, it’ll help if you understand what exactly makes a great man cave, well, great. The truth is that there isn’t a single defining factor that separates subpar man caves from awesome ones. Instead, the best thing to remember is that your man cave should be a reflection of who you are as a man and what you like.

Your man cave can display anything you want about your personality, including your favorite media (like movies, videos, books, and more), your political affiliations, your religion, and anything else. Bottom line: your man cave is a personal space to make your own.

Secondly, your man cave should be comfortable. At a bare minimum, you need a great chair where you can stretch out and relax. Don’t settle for a spare kitchen table chair. Get yourself a nice recliner or couch if you plan to have a friend over from time to time.

Lastly, consider these man cave staples:

  • A mini-fridge so you can store a sixpack for a hot summer day, especially if the air-conditioner stops working!
  • Some snacks, preferably in a place near the mini-fridge
  • A collection of your favorite DVDs or movies
  • Consider adding a “do not disturb” sign or something humorous on the outside. This is doubly important if you have kids who have a tendency to barge in at the worst possible moment

Consider Your Man Cave’s Location

Arguably more important than what you put in your man cave is where it’s located. Obviously, the point of a man cave is to be a comfortable place where you can get away from your responsibilities for a while and just chill out. But there are precious few areas in most homes where that’s a possibility.

Some popular options for man cave’s include:

  • Basements. These are easily accessible and can be pretty toasty in the winter (which is handy if your house's heating doesn't go down that far). Plus, they're usually connected to your home's power grid, making them great places for video gaming and watching movies.

  • Attics. Like basements, these are great places for man caves due to their accessibility and relative isolation. But they can be cold in the winter, and the air tends to get stuffy after a while.

  • Outer sheds. These are sometimes connected to homes, but they are often separate structures. It depends on what you have on your property. Either way, they can make great man caves if you have the stuff to fill them with comfortable furniture. But be aware that getting power to these spots can be tricky, and they may suffer from the same temperature concerns mentioned above.

  • Spare bedrooms. These are great spots if you have them, though you may need to give them up for guests. So keep how you decorate it in mind if this is the case for your man cave.

When choosing a spot for your man cave, try to make sure that it’s private enough that you can relax in peace but not so separate that you feel like you’ve left your home entirely. You’ll need to be reachable in case there’s an emergency, especially if you have kids.

With all that said, let’s take a look at some specific things you can add to your man cave to really spruce it up and make it your own.

Electronics and a Man-o-Vision

For starters, no man cave is complete without some great electronics. Get a decent TV (your best TV might be in the living room with your family – that’s okay!). But you should at least have a flatscreen of a reasonable size. You can hook this up to your favorite game console and have fun with your friends when all your obligations are done.

Other electronics you might want to add to your man cave include:

  • Speakers and maybe a stereo surround system, especially if you like music.

  • Lights – go nuts and add some colorful lights to your room that you can control with your phone for added fun.

  • A clock so you don’t pass too much time in your man cave.

This isn’t to say that your man cave has to be filled with electronics. Maybe you’re a more traditional kind of guy and are into classical hobbies like woodworking or sports. Still, electronic gadgets are a staple of most great man caves.

Decorations to Boast Your Allegiance

Remember, a man cave is a place where you can display your opinions and allegiances without having to worry about outside opinions. That can be really freeing. To that end, consider putting up some decorations for your favorite sports teams, particularly if the sports season you’re most interested in is starting soon.

Flags, jerseys, and more are all great ideas. But you can also put up decals and decorations to show your patriotism and national pride.

Put Up Your Patriotism

Speaking of patriotism, you can’t go wrong with an American flag.

Sometimes it can feel a little over-the-top to have one on your car or in any other shared living space, like the entry room to your home. A better bet is to put it right in your man cave. Bonus points if you put it up on your window for the world to see.

Guns and a Safe

Lots of classic guys enjoy having firearms in the home. But any responsible gun owner also knows that you can only own guns if you store them safely.

The best place to store your guns by far is in a designated safe. While you can get away with storing your guns up on a high shelf when your kids are really young, they’ll get older and more curious about firearms as they grow up.

Instead, it’s a good idea to invest in a gun safe while they’re still little. This is a perfect place to put your firearms when you’re not using them. You can also put this in your man cave to make sure that no one gets into them when they aren’t supposed to.

Granted, this idea really only works if you can reach your man cave in a hurry in an emergency situation. But it may be a wise idea if your kids are smart and you don’t have any other good place to put your gun safe.

Keep Some Drinkware Handy

Want your man cave to be the refuge of relaxation? Give yourself some drinkware that you keep in your man cave at all times. A tumbler is a good, one-size-fits-all option that you can put anything in, ranging from coffee to water to tea to anything else. It’ll also go well with your mini-fridge and beer, as recommended.

With some spare drinkware on hand, you won’t have to constantly be leaving your man cave to get another cup from the kitchen. Any guy with a family knows that’s a recipe for getting dragged into something else when they’re supposed to be relaxing.

Clothing for Your Man Cave

Lastly, you might consider getting yourself some comfortable clothing for your man cave. This is especially true during the winter, when your heater might have to work overtime or if your man cave is located in a place that doesn’t get a lot of heat normally (like an attic or basement).

In that case, a hoodie is a great option to throw on if you want to keep warm without having to invest in a space heater. You can even get clothing that’s a little funnier than the stuff you’d wear to church.

As a plus, there are plenty of great and comfortable hoodies you can buy for your man cave’s comfort and wear outside of your man cave. 


All in all, the best man cave will be one that you’re comfortable in, full-stop. Don’t worry too much about the details or getting everything perfectly aesthetically themed. Instead, treat your man cave as a way to express yourself as freely as you like and go nuts.

Fortunately, you can find plenty of great decorations, decals, and even comfortable clothes right at Printed Kicks. Check out our selection of patriot-focused clothes, decorations, and other offerings today!



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