Printed Kicks Charity Donations

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Printed Kicks Charity Donations

We are proud supporters of many charitable causes here at Printed Kicks.

In fact, a percentage of our sales are taken and given to one of our chosen charitable causes all year round.

We thank all of our loyal customers for not only supporting our business, but also celebrating and supporting the charities that we help by purchasing our products.

Here are some of the charitable causes that we have donated towards:

Officer Matt Crosby

Last year, LEO Matt Crosby was left paralyzed after a shooting in the line of duty attending a domestic violence call.

After this incident, Officer Crosby needed a new house in order to accommodate his needs. We set up a booth at an event for him in St Louis and gave him the proceeds from our sales that day, as well as donating from our online sales from police related products.

Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation

Established in 2009 by active Dallas Police Officers, the DFOF assists the families of officers critically injured or killed in the line of duty.

We took donations from sales of our special ‘Thank You’ pillows and helped to support the DFOF earlier this year.

Affiliates and their causes

As it stands we have 71 affiliates that work closely with us here at Printed Kicks. Because of our charitable work ethic, many of our affiliates donate to local causes with cash from their sales. These causes include local dog rescues and funds for the families of fallen officers.

We also produced awareness ribbon designs for a variety of causes… Including the Breast Cancer Fund and the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation.  Both of these charities received donations from our sales and are working hard to help prevent, and cure these terrible diseases.

We continue to make charitable donations to causes that lie close to our heart and the hearts of our customers.

Check out our latest items that have been produced in support and memory of those that give time and energy into improving and protecting the lives of others.

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