Tips to Train for a Half-marathon

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Tips to Train for a Half-marathon

Get Prepared for a Major Accomplishment!

It doesn't matter how busy you are, how slow you run, or if you can even run at all. Running is a learned skill – not a natural talent.

Keep these tips in your mind while you prepare:


Acknowledge where you are. The biggest mistake you can make in the beginning is over-estimating your abilities, which only leads to injuries and giving up the goal altogether.


Go out for an easy run today. Don't wait. The excuses are already building as you read this sentence. To increase the momentum, you need to get started – now.


Create an achievable weekly goal. Get out your calendar and find 3 blocks of time each week when you can run. We recommend running in the morning because you are more likely to succeed early in the day.


Run short distances with plenty of walk breaks. The real key to training for a long-distance run is to make running easy and fun. Do what it takes to maintain your love for running as you train.

If you hate training, what are the odds you will one day cross the finish line?


Variety is key. Run on the roads, trails, treadmills, and in your living room. Don't forget yoga, strength training, and volleyball. Cross-training is great to make you a better overall athlete and a better runner.


Start to think of yourself as a runner. Ask yourself, would a marathon runner go out for a run in the rain, or the snow, or at 4 am? Answer: yes. Yes, runners just run. The weather only affects what you wear, not whether you will run.


Slowly increase your long runs. Pick one day a week when you will do a long run. I like Saturday mornings. Start with a long run around 3 miles and then slowly increase that distance each week.

For example, the first week could be 3.0 miles, second week 3.5 miles, third week 4.0 miles, etc.


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