6 Unique Gifts for Your Boyfriend

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6 Unique Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Shopping for your loved ones can be extremely stressful especially when it’s your boyfriend. It’s no secret that men can be hard to read sometimes, particularly when trying to buy them gifts. 

Chances are, you want to make a good impression on your boyfriend and show them how much you appreciate them. Though material objects are not the hallmark of a healthy relationship, it is nice to be shown that you’re cared for from time to time. 

Ultimately, you want to decide what your objective is with your gift. Do you want to help upgrade your boyfriend’s style? Do you want to help make his life more convenient with a more practical gift? Or do you simply want to put a smile on his face? 

Honing in on what your boyfriend needs most is a good place to start. Also, if the gift actually benefits his life in some way, he is more likely to be appreciative of it. If you’re in need of some guidance, we’re here to help! Whatever your motives are, these six unique gift ideas should help you in your gift-buying process. 

A Comfy Hat or Cap

One way to show your affection for your boyfriend is to get them a hat or cap to wear that matches their interests. Does your boyfriend enjoy hiking or camping? Are they a fishing man? Or maybe they just like a nice, comfortable cap to wear daily. 

Hats are a great gift because they can be worn every single day. You won’t have to worry about your gift collecting dust in your boyfriend’s closet. Hats are also fairly low maintenance in terms of washing and cleaning. Many hats can be worn with a variety of different outfits also, making them easy for your boyfriend to implement into their style. 

Another reason hats are a great gift is that most hats and caps nowadays are adjustable in size. It can be quite a drag to give someone an item that doesn’t even fit them. 

A Funny T-Shirt

If your boyfriend isn’t into wearing hats, they can probably enjoy a funny t-shirt. Using humor as a part of your gift is a safe way of drawing a positive reaction from the person you’re gifting. Nowadays, you can get practically anything printed on a tee. You simply can’t go wrong with a hilarious shirt. 

At Printed Kicks, we offer hundreds of different t-shirt designs in all colors and sizes. We also carry all of our print designs on long-sleeve shirts and hoodies, so you can get as custom as you want with your order. Check out our online store now! 

Think about what makes your boyfriend laugh the most. Is there a particular TV show or movie that they love to laugh at? Do they have any jokes between the two of you that are always funny? If you really want to get personal, you can get a shirt printed with an inside joke on it that only the two of you could understand.  

A Reusable Tumbler

An everyday item that almost anybody can find useful is a reusable tumbler or coffee mug. With a reusable tumbler or coffee mug, you never have to waste money again on disposable cups. They’re also better for the environment! If your boyfriend is a coffee lover, this is the perfect gift for him. 

Even if your boyfriend doesn’t drink coffee, he can still use a tumbler for any other types of drinks. Tumblers are great for keeping your hot drinks warm and keeping your cold drinks chilled. If your boyfriend is an athlete, it’s ideal to have a temperature-controlled tumbler so they can keep their water or sports drink cool during their workout. 

Since most tumblers are made of steel or hard plastic, they are generally very durable and last a long time. With a well-made tumbler, you can literally use it for years before having to replace it. 

Tumblers are also extremely customizable. You can get your boyfriend’s favorite sports team, band, or brand printed directly onto the cup. You can also opt for a more simple design, just choosing your boyfriend’s favorite color for the base. 

A Cool Pair of Sneakers

An essential part of every man’s outfit is their shoes. No matter how good you look, you’re going to need some solid footwear to tie it all together. 

A safe gift option for footwear is a fresh pair of sneakers that your boyfriend can wear daily. Sneakers are versatile, comfortable, and relatively affordable. As long as you know your boyfriend’s shoe size, you’re set! 

Before you make a decision on what sneakers to buy, it’s worth spending some time digging through your boyfriend’s wardrobe and seeing what kind of sneakers they like to wear. Do they like lighter, mesh sneakers? Or perhaps they prefer bulkier, canvas, or leather sneakers. 

With the sneaker industry booming as big as ever these days, footwear has become a focus in fashion. Make sure your boyfriend is on point with his kicks! What better way is there to reward your boyfriend than with a fresh pair of sneakers to wear every day? 

A Flashy Sticker or Decal

Who doesn’t like stickers? Stickers and decals are probably the most versatile gift on this entire list. Not only can you get whatever you want printed on a sticker, but you can also place it on anything you want as well; on the bumper of your car, your bedroom door, or your laptop. The possibilities are endless.

Stickers and decals also last a long time and are a great way of remembering a certain moment or time in your life. All you have to do is look back on this sticker and be reminded of where you were during that period in time. 

Stickers can be a pivotal part of a thoughtful gift basket. Toss in a tumbler or mug, maybe a pair of socks to score major points with your boyfriend. You can decorate the basket itself too! Perhaps you can include a meaningful message or image on the basket that speaks to you and your boyfriend. 

The best part about stickers and decals is that they can be removed at any time. There is very little commitment in placing a sticker on a surface. Don’t like it anymore? No worries. Just take it off! 

A Flag to Wave Proudly

A fun way to show how much you know about your boyfriend is by getting them a flag to proudly wave. Flags are usually flown with a message that resonates strongly within the individual or group that it represents. For example, the thirteen stripes in the United States flag symbolize the thirteen original colonies that fought for our nation’s freedom. 

Think about what your boyfriend is passionate about. What beliefs or values do they stand for? What is something that they could display proudly every day with no shame? A flag acts as the quintessential medium for this type of expression. 

On the Printed Kicks store, we offer a plethora of different flags in a variety of styles. From political messages to patriotic themes to more humorous designs, we’ve got you covered. For your next occasion, get your boyfriend something to be proud of! 


No matter what type of person your boyfriend is, these six gift ideas should help narrow down your search a bit. For the athletes, the outdoorsmen, the tech junkies, and more, these are some of the most flexible gifts to give to your boyfriend for any occasion. 

At the end of the day, you know your partner the best. You know what they’re receptive to and what they don’t like. Tapping into this knowledge of your boyfriend will guide you in your search. This can also be a time for you to learn more about your boyfriend and really get to know them inside and out. 

You want to make a good impression on your boyfriend. But don’t stress too much! As long as you put some thought into your gift, you really can’t go wrong. More than likely, your boyfriend will be grateful simply for the amount of time and effort you’ve put into the gift. 

If you’re as proud of your boyfriend as he is an American, then make sure to get all your gifts for him from family-owned Printed Kicks. Where you get your presents from almost matters more than what you end up buying. Printed Kicks is the one-stop-shop for everything your boyfriend wants and needs. 



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