Why is Valentine’s Day Celebrated?

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Why is Valentine’s Day Celebrated?

Here’s The Story:

Roses, gifts, chocolates, hearts everywhere you see, Valentine’s is just around the corner and it looks like somebody has painted the world around us red.

On the 14th of February, the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, but do we really know where did it all begin?


The origins of Valentine’s are not very clear, it is known that in the ancient times the Romans celebrated Lupercalia, a spring festival on 15th February.

With the foundation of Christianity the celebration moved to 14th of February which was celebrated in the honor of Saint Valentine.

It is known that Romans had started converting into Christians and hence there were some restrictions put on Roman soldiers back then.


St. Valentine helped these soldiers marry secretly with Christian ceremonies and this is what portrayed Valentine’s faith in love and its importance.

Eventually St. Valentine was caught and jailed, while in prison he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter and wrote a letter to her with a signature ‘from your Valentine’ on 14th February which was the day of his execution.

Since then, 14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day, a day of affection and love.


 While Valentine’s Day is celebrated in various countries, different cultures have different traditions associated with it.

This day is associated with romantic love and tons of flowers and greeting cards are exchanged on this day. So many couples celebrate this day in a memorable manner and plan their marriage proposals on this day.


With commercialization of V-Day you can now spoil your love with an expensive gift, a beautiful bouquet or a romantic dinner.

A day dedicated only for love is your perfect chance to delight the love of your life.


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