Why Nurses Are Important

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Why Nurses Are Important

Here at Printed Kicks we celebrate the hard work that nurses around the world give us every single day with our fantastic nurses apparel and accessories.

Nurses keep hospitals running and save millions of lives every day, they are a backbone to the many private and state healthcare systems globally.

We have created unique shoes, bags, pillow covers, totes, saddle bags and canvases with designs that celebrate nurses.

But why are nurses important?

  • They work around the clock

    Nurses shifts run concurrently meaning there are always nurses working in hospital wards. They work through the night, through all public holidays and through incredibly stressful times. They keep patients comfortable and often are the first to alert a doctor or consultant if a change in circumstances becomes apparent.

  • The care about their patients

    People go into nursing because they care about helping other people. When you are admitted into hospital it is often a daunting experience. Nobody chooses or particularly wants to be hospitalised. Nurses are there to make your stay at hospital comfortable and for the shortest amount of time needed to nurse you back to full health.

  • They are trustworthy

    Working 12 hours on their feet, giving up holidays with their families, monitoring patients around the clock, having to bathe and nurture strangers every day… No wonder nurses are some of the healthcare professions most trusted advocates.

  • They can help families emotionally

    Nurses are no strangers to death and grief, unfortunately it’s something that they deal with almost daily. They can be the first people to offer words of compassion and support upon hearing of a death of a loved one. Nurses can act as trusted counsellors when there is nobody there to support you. They can help patients and their families find solace in dark times.

Are you a nurse? Is your partner a nurse? Has a nurse helped you to cope through a difficult medical experience? Why not show your support of nurses today by purchasing one of our discounted nurse items!

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