When you buy from Printed Kicks, you help support a variety of good causes!

Some of our past donation campaigns have included:

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, previously named the Breast Cancer Fund, whose mission is to prevent cancer by eliminating the environmental causes.

 The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation whose mission is to cure diabetes by restoring natural insulin production.

The Crosby Crew which was raising money for Officer Matt Crosby who was shot and paralyzed while responding to a domestic violence call and needed a new home.

The Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation which was designed to assist the immediate families of fallen officers critically injured or killed in the line-of-duty.

Current donation campaign

We are donating to the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners again this year from the sales of our Breast Cancer Awareness products.  

Other donations:

We have partnered with organizations that support dog rescues, the families of fallen officers and other good causes through our affiliate program.  Please contact us if you have an organization you'd like to help!